Security Operations Center Solutions

The SOC is where network and IT systems and industrial automation systems are monitored from an information security perspective. The SOC is a combination of technology for collecting and analyzing information through information systems [SIEM] and a team of people who have the right knowledge to respond to emerging threats.

CISO as a Service - providing specialists

CISO4U provides customers with specialists who can perform the role of both CISO, Security Operations Center specialists and security auditors.  A CISO is a high-level manager with years of hands-on experience in security.

What problems

Boards of Directors and Heads of Information Security are currently facing?

Threats from hackers

Staff shortages

DORA regulation requirements

Required compliance with NIS2

Required compliance with industry standards

Privacy protection

Cybersecurity, these times, is a very important area related to the functioning of each of us.

For companies and organizations, it is an element that affects the ability to do business. Cybersecurity, the risks associated with this area, must be managed just like the entire organization. What happens when we overlook such an area? The cost of downtime due to information and data security breaches, the cost of production, logistics and sales processes halted as a result of cyber attacks, exceed the cost of implementing and maintaining professional digital security. Regardless, new EU regulations impose a whole range of penalties on businesses related to non-compliance with security-related regulations: RODO, NIS2, DORA 

The main factors triggering the need for professional cybersecurity management and monitoring services are:


  • Business dependence on business continuity and availability of IT systems

  • Ownership of industrial automation systems (manufacturing, distribution, etc.)

  • Impact of regulations – NIS2, DORA, RODO, CRA and others

  • Need to ensure compliance with industry standards

  • Staff shortages in security teams

  • Sophisticated attacks on complex and changing client systems

  • Optimization of OPEX v. CAPEX costs