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CISO as a Service – providing specialists

CISO4U provides clients with experts and specialists who can perform tasks both in the role of CISO, Security Operations Center specialists and security auditors.  

Members of our team hold numerous certifications in the area of cyber security, confirming their knowledge and skills and also hold NATO/EU security clearances.

The CISO is a high-level manager with many years of practical experience in security. The CISO oversees all activities of the SOC team, is responsible for recruiting and training, as well as evaluating the individual and overall performance of team members. CISOs step in during crises, in particular serving as a liaison between the SOC team and the Board of Directors or external organizations (industry CSIRT). The CISO is also responsible for ensuring compliance with organizational, industry and government regulations. The CISO plays a key role in assessing, mitigating and addressing risks, acting in the best interest of the company to reduce and eliminate threats.

An analyst is essentially an incident manager (“Incident handler”).

Analysts monitor and alert on security incidents detected in the infrastructure, observe logs, processes and systems, and apply advanced techniques to collect and compare data from various sources (MITRE, Cyber Kill Chain) to detect unusual activity in the infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Expert.

A high-level expert security analyst who actively searches for suspicious behavior and tests and evaluates network security to detect advanced threats, as well as identify vulnerabilities and insufficiently protected resources. 

This group also includes specialists such as investigators, compliance auditors and cyber security architects.

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CISO as a Service – providing specialists

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