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IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Audits

If you use industrial automation systems in your enterprise then you will encounter the requirement of IEC 62443 – the standard for cybersecurity of industrial networks.

The international IEC 62443 series of standards describes key security threat prevention requirements for component manufacturers, system integrators and users. The IEC 62443 family of standards aims to ensure the safe operation of industrial automation systems – from design through implementation, integration and operation. The 62443 family of standards currently includes nine standards, technical reports (TRs) and technical specifications (TSs). IEC 62443 standards were initially developed for the industrial process sector, but IACS can be found in an increasingly wide range of fields and industries, such as power supply and distribution and transportation. IACS technologies are critical to critical infrastructure.

The IEC 62443 family of standards applies not only to control systems, but also to work processes, countermeasures, and employee performance. The standard takes a holistic approach because not all threats are technology-based: personnel responsible for IACS must have the required training, knowledge and skills to ensure safety.

IEC 62443 takes a risk-based approach to cybersecurity, which is based on the premise that trying to protect all assets equally is neither efficient nor sustainable. Instead, users must identify what is most valuable and requires the most protection, and identify security vulnerabilities.

CISO4U’s Experienced Team provides its customers with:

  • Training customer personnel on the requirements of IEC 62443 standards

  • Establishment of an IACS security program

  • Evaluation of manufacturing processes for industrial automation components

  • Evaluation of the safety program for IACS service providers

  • Evaluation of IACS product development life cycle requirements

  • Evaluation of technical safety requirements for IACS components

  • Assessment of security risks for the overall system

  • Assessment of meeting the security requirement for the system and Security Level vector assessment

  • Assessment of how patches are managed in the IACS environment

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IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Audits

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