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Security Operations Center Solutions

The SOC is where network and IT systems and industrial automation systems are monitored from an information security perspective. The SOC is a combination of technology for information collection and analysis by information systems [SIEM] and a team of people who have the right knowledge to respond to emerging threats. 

The SOC team’s main purpose is to detect dangerous events, evaluate them, and when a security breach occurs, the SOC should manage the incident including limiting the effects of the attack, seeking to determine the causes, and preventing further incidents.

The main goal in the operation of the SOC team is to provide services in the area of cybersecurity, which include:

Proactive services – prevention:

prevention services aim to prevent incidents by, among other things, building awareness, analyzing and communicating current threat information.

Reactive services -response:

response services aim to handle incidents and minimize the extent of damage caused, including reporting incidents according to the schedule set by RODO, NIS2 and DORA.

Improvement services:

services with longer-term goals, including consulting and education.

Response services:

– Alerts and warnings
– Incident handling
– Incident analysis
– Incident response support
– Coordination of incident response
– Security vulnerability handling
– Security vulnerability analysis
– Security vulnerability response
– Coordination of security vulnerability response

Prevention services:

– Notifications
– Technology news
– Security audits or assessments
– Security configuration and maintenance
– Development of security tools
– Intrusion detection services
– Dissemination of security information

Improvement services:

– Risk analysis
– Business continuity and restoration of normal operations after accidents
– Security consulting
– Awareness building
– Education, training
– Product evaluation or certification

In addition, CISO4U’s Security Operations Center team can play a role for its client in:

  • conducting penetration tests;

  • managing and configuring network devices (firewalls) and other security systems (e.g., antivirus, intrusion prevention system);

  • managing security patches for systems (e.g., updating systems);

  • enforcement of security policies and procedures;

  • managing security copies;

  • conducting Cyber Threat Intelligence activities;

  • conducting an assessment of the maturity and effectiveness of the cyber security team;

  • conducting an assessment of the business continuity management system and incident recovery to the extent of SOC/CSIRT responsibilities;

  • conducting “pre-emptive actions” including reconnaissance of the information environment based on sources in the “DarkNet” and “Deep Web” regarding potential threats.

CISO4U offers its customers to build their own Security Operations Center consisting of:

  • identification and connection of data sources;

  • construction and configuration of SIEM and SOAR system;

  • creation of correlation rules and incident handling scenarios;

  • design and customization of security procedures including “playbooks” and “runbooks” to ensure efficient and effective operation of the SOC team;

  • designing, building and training the SOC team based on international standards including NICE created by DOD and NIST.

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Security Operations Center Solutions

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IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Audits

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